Memories are made at Craigluscar Activities

Craigluscar Activities offers a fantastic day out! We have thrilling miniature hovercrafts. Test your skills out at Tractor Driving. Why not try our Rifle Shooting experience or some Clay Pigeon Shooting.

You’ll find it all here at Craigluscar Activities!


Float on air on our miniature hovercraft which are equally at home on land or water. Loads of fun and with no brakes, experience the thrill of actually hovering above the ground on a cushion of air, and test your skills as you manoeuvre the hovercraft around our circuit.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Test your skill and accuracy on our fabulous clay pigeon shooting range. Clay discs are loaded into a trap and fired at different angles, making it the ultimate challenge. An instructor will be with you at all times providing expert guidance.

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Rifle Shooting

Try your skill and accuracy using a .22 rifle on our eight-lane 25 metre rifle range. An instructor will give you 30 practice rounds then score you out of 10 rounds.

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Learn how to hold, aim and fire a crossbow or longbow under expert tuition. Although a high level of skill is required to compete, you will be amazed at the standard you can achieve with just a few arrows.

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Mini Highland Games

Team building – divide your group into 2 teams and try our mini highland games.

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Tractor Driving

Test your tractor and trailer skills by driving around a course and then reverse the trailer in between obstacles.

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